What is Perleche, Why do you have it & How can you treat it?

Perleche is kind of disease which often occur in the mouth, although the disease might not really dangerous, the disease should be treated carefully. Perleche is caused by bacteria or fungal, this disease often gives pain in the corner of the mouth. People who suffer this disease will feel uncomfortable, it makes them difficult to talk, speak or even laugh. The disease also makes the appearance look bad, because it can be seen clearly.

The disease often caused by the accumulation of the saliva, the accumulation of saliva will create formation of bacteria or a fungus candida albicans. The accumulation of saliva is caused by some habit lifestyle, some people often lick their lip when the lip gets dried up, so to avoid this disease, you should avoid excessive lip licking. This disease often occur for older people, the disease often occur for this population because of poorly fitting denture due to bone shrinkage or gum. This disease is also caused because lack of iron and nutrients.2007 008 What is Perleche, Why do you have it & How can you treat it?

So the best way to prevent from this disease to eat food contain with iron and protein. There are some treatment available for you that you can choose to cure Perleche disease, one of the simple way is to use antifungal cream or topical antibiotic, you can try to use cream contain with 1 % hydrocortisone, you can also some popular medical drugs such as lotrimin, micatin, nizoral, or other medical drugs for this disease.

You should know that the disease should be treated as soon as possible, don’t let the disease become worse, and the healing process will take longer if you underestimate the disease. Just like any other fungal or bacterial infection, you should get proper treatment.

In this condition, one of the best ways to heal is to keep the area infected by bacteria or fungal dry. This will make the bacteria or fungal can’t stay alive in this condition. The most important step is not to lick your lip or any area around your mouth. If you feel uncomfortable with your lips, you can try to use petroleum jelly.

If you want to search more about Perleche treatment, you can also search the information on the internet. There are some website also discuss about Perleche treatment. The treatment itself will depend from some factors, and you can get all the information from internet by searching through the internet, in the internet you will almost any information about Perleche.

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