Contact Lenses Side Effects and Risks

Contact lenses are great for our performance. But you should check the reference first to avoid problems and risks before using it.

  1. It can be easily disposed and does not require cleaning or storage. After wearing for three to four weeks users can dispose it off immediately. They look similar to a water droplet as it is made from water related polymer.
  2. The recent statistics proved that approximately around 80% people wear these lenses. They are very comfortable and do not result in any kind of irritations. Contact lenses fit perfectly to the eye. It does not cause tears or develop deposits in the eyes.
  3. Even it does not require sterilization lens Contact Lenses Side Effects and Risks

But unfortunately, it has its disadvantages too. The overall risk involved may be minor but can affect the overall health in general. Now, let us go though few prominent contact lenses side effects and risks associated with it.

  1. The most common problem includes foggy or blurry vision, and dry eyes. Foggy or unclear vision is mainly due to lack of oxygen supply at the cornea.
  2. It even results in scratches, swellings and scrapes. Thus, make sure that you choose the perfect lenses by taking into consideration your eye types.
  3. The mineral deposits to a major extent can cause infection. Avoid contact lenses if you feel discomfort or uneasy. Avoid it to prevent infections or eye problems.
  4. The allergic issues may vary depending upon the person.
  5. The two most common side effects are eyelid inflammation and eye inflammation. Both are very common and other types can be easily prevented through simple cleaning process.
  6. Eye experts recommend avoiding lenses in case of any kind of discomfort. It is because most of the time it gives rise to health issues. The contact lenses side effects and risks related to it are huge. Contact your physician in case of eye irritation or pain. Consult experts before undergoing any kind of medications. In case of slight pain remove the lenses and contact your physician. She or he will help you know about the allergic reaction.

If anything is wrong with the lenses then make sure that you buy the perfect one. In the beginning, you may feel halos or flaring due to lenses. This happens mainly during the night. Early symptoms or signs are normal but in case of prolonged pain remove it. Furthermore, if you take a nap wearing contact lenses then it may result in vision problems. Contact lenses side effects and risks connected with it may prove critical. So undergo early medications or switch to eye glasses. In case of serious effects, surgery is the only option. But undergoing a surgery may be a painful procedure.

Keep in mind; before touching your lenses make sure that your hands are clean. Wash it with mild soap. Avoid soap that contains any form of chemicals. Make use of a proper cleaner to take away the residue. Always store your lenses in a dirt free and clean containers to avoid contact lenses side effects and risks.

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