8 Myths About Acne – The Causes of Acne and Its Prevention

Many people are trying to get the latest info about acne and how to treat acne. With many treatments and medicines worldwide, no one can guarantee this problematic skin condition. With more than 90% of people are facing this problem. Acne is not caused by a food choice or lack of cleanliness. No one knows exactly why acne occurs. Some myths regarding this are:p adult acne l 8 Myths About Acne   The Causes of Acne and Its Prevention

Acne is Caused by Junk Food

Saying that acne is caused by junk food consumption is wrong and a common misconception. Not true, but no one should make it a habit to eat greasy foods or sweets, even if it’s only for your health’s sake.

Acne is Caused by Not Keeping Your Body Clean

Acne is not caused by dirt. As a matter of fact, you can make your acne worse by scrubbing your face too much or cleaning it with harsh soaps, which will only irritate the skin condition.

Acne Is Helped by Sweating

While exercise is good for the body, the sweat and oils excreted by the body is not good for acne. Always bathe or shower after exercise.

Acne is Caused by Stress

Acne is not caused by stress, but stress may make acne worse. It is suspected that the body’s process of producing endocrines at times of stress may be one cause of acne.

Acne Can Be Healed

Acne can’t be completely healed, but it can be treated. Consult your doctor on ways to treat your acne and slow the instances of skin breakouts.

Acne Can Be Treated by Exposure to the Sun

Exposing your skin to the sun will tan you and, in the process, make your skin look better. A sunburn will make acne worse so, considering the damage the sun does to the skin, this is not an effective treatment.

Acne Spot-Treating Is Enough

Myths about acne include the myth that spot-treating acne is an efficient treatment. You must treat the entire area that is affected by your acne because most of the acne causes are under the skin, not on top of the skin.

Acne Will Eventually Be Outgrown

It’s an unfortunate fact, but acne breakouts affect some people throughout their lives and are one of the myths about acne. Consult your doctor for breakouts at any age.

Various myths about acne are still believed by a majority of people. Facts show that acne is a treatable skin disorder. You can try all sorts of over-the-counter medications, but these may only worsen the condition. Your best bet is to consult your doctor for proven treatments for acne.

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