5 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While You Travel

When you’re going on a vacation, there are a lot of great opportunities to do a lot of things that you don’t normally do. Your next trip is going to be a great chance to experience a lot of brand new things that you’ve never seen or done before. Planning something like this can take a long time, and can really have you distracted while you’re getting ready to go on your next big adventure. At the same time, when you finally get to go on your trip, you can easily get preoccupied with your exciting agenda. Many travelers completely forget to actively stay in shape while they’re traveling and might be a little surprised that they’ve put on a bit of extra weight when they get back home after spending two weeks on the road.

As it turns out, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that you stay healthy and in great shape while you’re traveling. With a few simple ideas, you can easily make sure that you don’t put on any extra pounds, so that you can get home looking as great as you did when you left in the first place.

1. Go on Plenty of Hikes. If you’re visiting an area that’s got a lot of natural scenery, you should make sure that you get out and go on plenty of hikes. This is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with someone that you’re close to. You can also take the entire family out on a hike if you want to really show your kids a great time. When you’re looking to seriously stay in shape, it’s always a great idea to get out and spend a few hours walking through the natural terrain.

2. Take Walking Tours. If you don’t have good hiking available to you, there’s always a good walking tour of whatever sights the local area has to offer. This is a great way to spend the entire day walking around. Give yourself a good bit of brisk exercise by spending several hours on foot as you tour all the most interesting places in the city that you’re visiting. Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks, though, so you don’t run out of energy.

3. Avoid Unhealthy Foods. All too often, travelers say to themselves, “Hey! I’m on vacation.” It’s usually right before they eat something unhealthy. The next time you’re on a trip, try eating foods that are just as healthy as the ones you would eat when you were back at home. Don’t go trying everything that’s on the menu just because you’re in a new city. Focus on eating healthy foods, no matter where you are.

4. See the Sights on Foot. Public transportation and taxis are a great way to get around, but you can definitely do a bit of walking to get where you need to go when you’re on vacation. Even if you want to visit something that involves a distance you would not normally tackle on foot — try taking a nice long walk to spend some quality time with the people that you’re traveling with.

5. Try Local Produce. We can’t all book African safari tours as a means of staying in great shape on vacation, but you can definitely make sure that you eat a bunch of healthy, delicious produce while you’re traveling. No matter where you are, there’s got to be some great local produce that you can sample. Try finding out where the nearest farmer’s market is and you’ll be able to find some of the freshest, most healthy vegetables available.

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