5 Unhealthy Driving Habits and How to Avoid Them

Many drivers need to be on the road for significant portions of their days, and admittedly, this kind of activity can get a little boring. These days, there’s some form of stimulation ready for you just about everywhere you turn, and it can really tough to resist something like this while you’re driving. When you’re operating a car, though, you’ve got a responsibility to make sure that you’re paying attention to the road, and nothing else. Nevertheless, many drivers allow themselves to engage in some pretty dangerous and silly behaviors while they’re out on the road. Not only are you putting yourself at risk when you do things like this, but you’re making the road unsafe for all the other drivers that are on it, too. This is arguably pretty unfair. We’ll talk about five behaviors that a lot of drivers exhibit pretty commonly, so that you can think about whether you’re doing everything you can to be safe behind the wheel. If any of these five items sound like something you do, you might want to think about making some adjustments to your driving habits.

1. Speeding. Many drivers allow themselves to go way faster than they should on the road. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but way too many drivers wind up breaking the speed limit simply because they’re not paying attention to how fast they’re going. It’s important to make sure that you’re always driving safely with the flow of traffic, and that you’re always leaving a respectful amount of distance in between your car and the one that’s driving in front of you.

2. Texting While Driving. Phones are pretty powerful little machines these days, to the point where they’re now basically just little computers that also happen to make phone calls. This means that the temptation to get out your phone and start composing a text message to your buddies is higher than it’s ever been before. Texting while driving is a very serious problem right now. If you can make a promise to yourself that you won’t text while you’re driving in a car, you’ll be doing your part to make the road a much safer place.

3. Talking on the Phone. This one gets its own section because it was a problem long before texting was even a thing that people did with regularity. When you’re talking on the phone you might still be able to look around you, but it’s definitely not a safe way for you to drive. What’s more is that it’s now against the law in most states, so you should make sure you end that phone call before you actually start your car and hit the road.

4. Driving Whilst Tired. Tired driving is very dangerous because of how easy it is for your body to simply go to sleep without your conscious mind actually noticing. When you’re in a sitting position in the car, your body can get pretty relaxed, and it can be tough to keep yourself awake. Pull over and get refreshed with a twenty-minute cat nap if you need to. Driving while you’re struggling to stay awake is a recipe for disaster.

5. Eating While Driving. Wait until you’re stopped to enjoy that delicious meal. Nobody wants to get into an accident while they’re snacking on a big plate of nachos behind the wheel, and all theĀ best auto insurance companies will make sure to increase your premium if you get yourself into one. Eliminate distractions like food, so that you can completely pay attention to the road and avoid getting in any accidents while you drive.

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