Health Resolutions for Moms in 2013

When you’re a mom, the 24 hours that you get on a daily basis are already pretty packed. Oh, but when you add to that a career, whether it’s at an office or you’re a mother who works at home, that makes it all the more challenging when it comes to carving out time that you can devote just for yourself; not just for the sake of having a few private moments, but also so that you can take proactive steps towards bettering your healthy as well.

If you’re a working Mom and you’re wondering about what kind of health resolutions that you can make for the upcoming year, we have five that are not only highly-beneficial, but extremely realistic too:

Get some rest. Here’s the thing about rest: While we might be tempted to think that it’s a luxury, when it comes to our overall health and well-being, it’s actually a necessity. A good eight hours of sleep can help to improve your memory, lower your stress levels, curb inflammation, reduce moodiness and irritability and provide you with more energy to get through your day.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables A mom is constantly in need of vitamins and minerals to get all that she needs to accomplish done. Fast food is low on the totem pole when it comes to providing you with what’s essential, but it’s understandable that you might get it because it’s a quick meal. Instead, purchase more fresh fruit and vegetables. When it comes to things like apples, grapes, strawberries, carrots and celery, all you have to do is wash them off and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s much better for you.

Exercise. Every year, you probably tell yourself that you’re going to do your body (especially your heart) good by incorporating more exercise into your lifestyle. If joining a gym has not worked and the thought of looking for a personal trainer at a localĀ women’s health clinic doesn’t interest you, why not join an intramural team? Or how about getting into some water aerobics, yoga or joining a dance class or running group? No one said that exercise means doing something that you don’t like. It’s simply about doing something that will keep your body active.

Pamper yourself. When’s the last time that you treated yourself to a massage? No matter what you’ve got on your to-do list, a massage is not a waste of time because it improves circulation and posture, reduces anxiety and tones your skin. An hour at a spa can be a worthwhile investment to your overall health and well-being.

Take a vacation. If you don’t know the last time that you took a vacation, then you took one way too long ago. Vacations are a great way to “get off of the clock” and regroup a bit. Even if your obligations and/or your budget does not allow for a two-week cruise or a trip overseas, a weekend at a bed and breakfast can calm your mind and regenerate your senses. You work hard. In 2013, give yourself a much-deserved vacation in honor of it.

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