Top 5 Tips for Raising Fit and Healthy Kids

After a certain age, kids begin to develop their own ideas about how their lives should proceed. And once they reach this stage it’s only a matter of time before they start tuning you in an attempt to formulate an independent personality. But the lessons you teach them early in life tend to stick with them, or at least return once they get through adolescence and regain some measure of reason. So if you want your kids to place value on their health and fitness you need to teach them how to observe proper nutrition, exercise, and see to their welfare early on. And here are just a few ways to ensure that your kids remain healthy, happy, and in good shape, at least while they’re under your roof.

  1. Regular doctor visits. Preventive care is the number one way to ensure that your children remain fit and healthy. Doctors and dentists can not only identify issues with the health of your children that you might not otherwise know about, but they will also clue you in to potential problem areas that could be developing (such as cavities, repetitive motion injuries, or obesity) as well as recommend courses of treatment, prescription medications, and so on. As a parent, there’s a lot you can do on your own to keep kids healthy, happy, and safe. But at some point you’re going to need professional help, and taking your kids in for regular check-ups is an absolute must.
  2. Household foods. Believe it or not, you have a lot of control over what your kids eat. While you may be inclined to assume that they’re getting plenty of junk food at school or their friends’ houses anyway, that only increases the onus on you to provide them with healthy options at home. One thing is certain: if you only provide healthy foods at home, that’s what they’re going to eat in your presence. So ditch the over-processed items that are high in fat, sugar, sodium, and preservatives in favor of lean meats, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and veggies. Then cook dinners and pack lunches each day with fresh ingredients to give your kids the best shot at healthy, nutritious meals.
  3. Discuss healthy options. Most parents never even consider talking to their kids about making the right choices for food and activity until the situation has become critical somehow. But just as you train your kids to tie their shoes and brush their teeth, you need to teach them to eat healthy and enjoy exercise as early as possible so that they develop good habits for life. And here you can easily lead by example.
  4. Team sports. Enrolling kids in team sports is great not only for health and fitness, but it also helps them learn to interact in socially appropriate ways, as well as build self-esteem and raise confidence in their abilities to operate as an individual and as part of a group.
  5. Fresh air. Even if you have to takeĀ personal training courses in order to learn the best ways to get your kids moving, it will be worth it when their annual medical exams show them to be perfectly healthy and fit. You simply can’t rely on schools or even group activities to keep your kids in shape, especially not when the majority of their time is sedentary. If they don’t have their butts parked in desks at school, they’re lounging in front of the tube or the computer these days. So make a point of getting your kids out into the fresh air each day for some much needed movement. And think about joining them; after all, you could probably use a little exercise after a long day at work, as well.

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