5 Jobs That Require You to Be Extremely Healthy and Fit

Everybody wants to be in good shape. Sometimes we don’t do as much to get into great shape as we’d like to be doing, but sometimes we just can’t help it. A lot of times our jobs or lifestyles might make it tough for us to find the time to enjoy a good workout. Some individuals, however, are lucky enough to have jobs that don’t really give them a choice. There are plenty of jobs that more or less require that you stay in amazing shape, or else you won’t be able to really do them in the first place. If you’re thinking about looking for a line of work that will make sure you keep yourself in peak physical condition, there are actually a few different careers that you could find yourself thinking about. We’ll talk about five of the professions that will have you staying in the best shape you’ve ever seen. These jobs don’t really give you the choice to be unhealthy, and will require you to be extremely healthy and fit at all times.

1. Lifeguard. You really can’t jump into the ocean and save drowning beachgoers if you’re in terrible physical shape. When you’re a lifeguard, you usually have to pass a pretty rigorous physical test to even get the job in the first place, and you’re definitely going to need to stay in good shape so that you can be effective when you’re truly needed. The stakes that come with working as a lifeguard are pretty high, as you’re an individual upon whom others rely in very dangerous situations. You’ve got to make sure that you’re in great shape when you’re a lifeguard so that you can save lives when the need arises.

2. Personal Trainer. As a personal trainer, it’ll basically be your job to help people work out every single day. With a job like this, it’s probably kind of tough not to stay in good shape. Either way, you have to be able to set a good example for your clients. If you’re in lousy physical condition, you’re not going to motivate or inspire your clients to work out, and you won’t be a very effective personal trainer as a result.

3. Firefighter. Yet another profession that keeps you in peak physical condition, firefighting is work that requires you to make sure you’re healthy and fit. You’re responsible for saving a lot of lives and performing very important and dangerous work as a firefighter, and a lot of it will require some pretty serious physical strength. It’s important to stay in very good shape when you’re a firefighter.

4. Acrobat. One might not see a ton of “acrobats for hire” signs hanging up around town on a regular basis, but it’s still a job, and it’s definitely one that requires you to be in some seriously good physical condition. You can’t be unhealthy and out of shape if you’re going to be entertaining people with gravity-defying acrobatics. Whether you’re a movie stuntman or a circus performer, there are plenty of people who make a living with acrobatics, and they definitely take their physical fitness very seriously.

5. Bike Messenger. In urban areas, a lot of people rely on bicycle messengers to transport important information and documents. If you’re thinking about getting a job that will keep you in good shape, then bike messenger is definitely one of them. Riding your bike around the city for the entire day is going to give you a great workout, no matter what.

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