Top 10 Problems in Running Exercise

Running is absolutely a good idea in keeping your body healthy and fit. However, there are also several problems that arise on runners. The problems can be really embarrassing. Do you have any of these problems? Let us check on the following list of running embarrassing problems.

1. Trots

Diarrhoea happens all the time to many runners. This can be because of the diet, but the running activity gives certain force as well on your bladder.

2. Leaking Bladder

This can be surprising, but medical research mentions that this is normal especially in women. You will find many cases like this. However, there is limitation on this too.Running Exercise Top 10 Problems in Running Exercise

3. Black Toenails

This is caused by force or pressure on the fingers toward the shoes. The result is your toenails are blackened. You can clean it using warm water.

4. Clicking Joints

It happens sometimes. On several cases, it happens several times in a running. As long as you do not feel any pain on it, you will be just fine.

5. Chafing

It happens commonly on inner thighs as well. When it happens, you will feel burning sensation on the area. Commonly, it also comes with redness and rawness.

6. Nipple Alert

This happens commonly on men. Their nipples get irritated, dried, or inflamed. On worse case, nipple can bleed and this will need special care.

7. Rashes

Sometimes, sweat glands are blocked and it produces problems like miliaria rubra, prickly heat, or heat rashes. Comfortable running clothes are the solution for this particular problem.

8. Itchy Legs

On beginners, the itchy is even worse. However, it will disappear as the runner runs more and more. This is biologically possible and only more run will cure it. Do not scratch it.

9. Acne

Acne may appear on the upper arm, upper back, and also on chest. This is because of the sweat flowing and bacteria on skin. Take a shower when you are done running.

10. Excessive Sweating

This is actually normal. But you will still need running clothes with comfortable material as well.

Several runners may have this problem. They are embarrassing indeed, and can be dangerous as well on certain levels. This is completely fine as long as you go to the right person to give you solution when things get bad. See your doctor and re-examine your diet discipline. This can take effect on that.

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