8 Best Short Hairstyles for Women

Hair defines who you are. Sometimes, we prefer for ordinary cuts and let it that way without thinking too much but how to get rid off of the heat and quickly. Meanwhile, there are several choices for short hairstyles in 2012 until 2013 that we can try. Besides giving chic and nice look, it is also simple enough so we do not have to make a lot of adjustment and hairdo.pixie hairstyles 2012 2013 8 Best Short Hairstyles for Women

1. Pixie

This style looks best on oval face. You can make it boyish and you can also make it chic with several adjustments. For example, make it round on the top parts, then square along the sides.

2. Piecey Cut

This style is worn by Halle Berry. It gives the edgy but chic look. The key is on the long chunky layers. You should ask your hairstylist to make it more tailored on the sides.

3. Twiggy Dom

This cut is actually almost like boys. However, the key is on the layer and square shape on the sides. It keeps it girly and sexy.

4. Layered Crop

This short hair cut is more like a rock star style. Keep the long layers and make it soft. The key of the girly look will be on your mouse and gel. Keep it soft and natural.

5. Short Bangs

Make short bangs and keep it round on top. You can use short layers on this, and make it with more volume on top. It will make your face lovely and it enhances the shape of your hairstyle.

6. Full Rocker Look

Keep it shaved and short on the bottom. This is the key. Then, do not forget to tell your stylist not to get too high to avoid boys haircut look. Long layers on top for chic touch are a must.

7. Graduated Bob

This is for those who are not sure about very short cut. Keep the side part strong.

8. Daring Bowl

This is one of the most wanted style right now. The cut should be soft and as rounded as possible. At the back and at the nape of neck, the hair should be square with round edges.

Those styles are also considered as the best short hairstyles right now. Many celebs wear it and they look totally gorgeous. Consult to your hairstylist to match the style with your face shape. Sometimes, it will need an adjustment. So which one do you like the most? Which one will be your next hairstyle?

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