7 Natural Herbs to Cure Arthritis

The term of arthritis is generally refers to an inflammation of the joints. But there is also rheumatoid arthritis, which are affected joints, muscles, tendons and cartilage around the joint. Arthritis treatment depends on the cause, which are can be several possibilities. These days, as people started to look at herbs as natural cures, some of them are already considered to be beneficial to treat arthritis.

Nature has given us a natural solution for almost every ailment. It won’t be long until people find that nature have cure for all diseases, it is only a matter of the research. Most plants have different purposes. Some common plants are already known by medical people or institution for their power of healing. These plants may be common vegetables, which we use every day. For some diseases, such as arthritis, there are many natural herbs which can be better treatment or prevention than any medicine with chemical substance in it.treat arthritis comfrey poultice 800x800 7 Natural Herbs to Cure Arthritis

7 herbs that can help relieve and treat all complaints of arthritis:

  1. Alfalfa – besides a good tonic to stimulate the appetite, it also helps relieve arthritis.
  2. Angelica – has anti-inflammatory effect, making it effective to fight against arthritis. It is from the extract of the roots with water. Caution when using the fresh root of Angelica, as it also contains toxic. Thoroughly dried before it is taken orally.
  3. Comfrey – more protein in leaf structure than any other plants in the world. The protein called alantoin is the most famous kind that helps in cell division, which is in roots and leaves. Alantoin help wound healing both internally and externally.
  4. Hemp – the seeds of this plant is best used as a natural high omega-3 oil ever known. Moreover, when the seeds are available as cover, it helps relieve rheumatic arthritis and it is also used as a plasticizer.
  5. Laurel/ Bay- have anti-inflammatory properties. Oil from the fruits and leaves can be used as an ointment to relieve rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. Parsley – for its common uses in soups, salads, fish dishes a few known. Parsley can also help arthritis by the infusion of the entire plant, which taken orally. This is not recommended for pregnant women.
  7. Red clover – a perennial plant that is also used to relieve arthritis. This is achieved by the infusion of whole plant.

With the treatment of arthritis ingredients listed above, you’re probably already at home or in the garden looking for them, since now you have found another use for them. But keep in mind, they are considered not as a substitute for medical advice.

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